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Dare to be different

Kyuzo the angry angel

External Services:
  • yami_kyuzu@livejournal.com

Name: Kyoshiro/Kyuzo

Is a lyricist/Guitarist/Poet

Likes:ramen,Jrock,vk,blood,katanas,screams, torment, flowers.

Dislikes: Fakes,posers,liars.

He likes the colors Purple,Pink,black,red.

Although he dislikes most perfume he likes the ones that aren't to strongly scented.

He'll think your cute when your completely terrified and trembling.

He is short tempered and could care less what the hell you think about him.

He is forming a band called Shadow Oni and loves guitars.

His ipod is his best friend.

-likes girls in kimono.

-hates his birth right name,and prefers to be called Kyuzo or Kyoshiro

- likes locks around his neck

He says the smell of chemicals to wash clothes with make him sick.

-likes to talk about gorey,bloody things.

He has stated that he has a thing for Angels,butterflies,lotuses and vampires.

Music is his passion.

hosh is awsome LOVESSSS HER XDDD

she soooo awsome she made a fansign for me ^^ loves you sis.